Sai Cheng’s flying start to 2018!

For the second year in a row Sai Cheng, our joint venture partner with China Post, has picked up an award at the prestigious Cainiao Alliance Awards, for their amazing effort on Singles Day (11 November 2017). Hundreds of logistics providers support Singles Day globally, but only eight companies were acknowledged in the Progress Forefront Awards.

Last week, representatives from every corner of the globe attended the awards ceremony in Hangzhou the capital of China’s Zhejiang province in the east.

The Cainiao Alliance takes a collaborative, global approach to logistics by connecting eCommerce companies with all elements of the logistics ecosystem. From technology to fleet management, to warehousing and fulfilment, the Cainiao Alliance connects over 200 countries to more than 2800 districts and counties in China, providing customers with an amazing (and fast!) delivery experience.

Ben Franzi, General Manager of eCommerce & International said, “I’m immensely proud of the entire Sai Cheng team for this huge achievement. This award is testament to the quality of execution, customer service and sheer resilience of the team during Singles Day.”

“The world’s biggest online shopping festival, Singles Day, was our largest on record. Sai Cheng fulfilled 100,000 orders in the first 40 minutes of the sale, and more than 30,000 orders were placed on our Australia Post flagship stores Tmall, JD and Little Red Book.”

“The most popular items were health and wellbeing items, such as supplements, vitamins and beauty products. Australia has a great reputation as being one of the world’s cleanest and greenest producers, and this is particularly valued by consumers in China who took the opportunity to buy great Australian products which were heavily discounted during the Singles Day sales.”

Hosted by Alibaba, Singles Day offers leading products at a fraction of the recommended retail cost. Last year the festival reached a peak number of transactions with 325,000 per second and USD$5 billion in the first 15 minutes alone. We’re anticipating that 2018 will be even bigger as global eCommerce continues to grow. Watch this space!