ID Card Upload

In accordance with the provisions of China Customs and to meet the import goods inspection requirement and prove that the package is for personal use, you are required to upload a picture of the front and rear of your Chinese ID Card. For more information on these requirements please contact China Customs Advisory on 12360 (China number). Your data will be encrypted and transferred to the respective customs clearing agency. You must ensure that you enter the correct tracking number, order number and mobile phone number associated with your order, when uploading your ID Card to ensure that it is matched with the right parcel.

Thank you for uploading your ID card


The ID card number must be clearly visible. Please ensure you take a photo in good light so that all the numbers on the card are visible.


Please enter a valid tracking number

Please enter your first and last name as they appear on your ID Card

Please enter a valid Chinese ID Card Number

Please enter a valid phone number. The phone number must match the mobile number used on your order.